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Anti-Virus Licences

Malware, viruses and other nasty software can have a huge impact upon the running of a school if it is allowed to get access to the network. A virus outbreak can cause lost of data and untold other problems.

To protect computers machines on schools networks, Coventry City Council has negotiated on behalf of all subscribing schools in the city a contract for Anti-Virus software which can be installed on all workstations within school.

ICT Services will only install and manage the software on supported workstations, however, instructions can be provided to schools for installation on PCs which are not supported by ICT Services. Any supported workstations will be managed as part of our EPO anti-virus solution.

For more information or to set this up or get access to the software please contact the ICT Service Desk on 024 7678 6620 or email schoolsictrequest@coventry.gov.uk  

This service is only available to schools who have purchased an SLA in which this is included and it cannot be purchased on its own.