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Safeguarding Software for Schools

Coventry City Council have worked with the software provider Impero to bring Impero's EdProtect software suite to Coventry Schools. With keyword detection and real-time monitoring, tailored to specific student groups, EdProtect alerts staff to potential safeguarding issues as they occur so that students can be educated and mentored to promote good digital citizenship.

Key Benefits

  • Online safety functionality including
    • Keyword detection libraries with definitions:-
    • Real-time monitoring of devices with screenshots / video alerts
    • Comphrensive logging and reporting
    • Confide anonymous report tool for student concerns
    • Whole school approach to online safety
  • Detect and deal with online safety risks in real time.
  • Customise the system to suit your needs
  • Identify trends
  • Provide a mechanism for reporting concerns

Further Information

Impero have made some videos available online aimed and teachers and technical staff:-

More information can be found on the Impero Website at https://www.imperosoftware.com/uk/

Duration of Service

This service runs from 1st April to 31st March in each given SLA year. However, we may be able to offer other periods depending on your requirements, please contact us on either ictschoolreply@coventry.gov.uk or on 024 7678 6620 to discuss.

Pricing and How to Purchase

This product is included in the SLA for no additional charge to Coventry City Council maintained schools taking ICT Services for schools SLA. Academies and Free schools can purchase this product as an optional extra from the OnePlace store.


Online Safety Handbook

A best practice depoloyment guide and resource pack for Senior Leadership Teams.

Impero Ed Protect Product breakdown

Document detailing the features of the EdProtect System.