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ISP Services for Schools

The Internet is part of the modern world, and having access to a reliable and fast Internet connection is vital to the running of a modern school. A key part of a schools internet connection is the ability to filter and control access to inappropriate content and that's why we included the Smoothwall filtering service with every internet connection to help you protect your students/pupils and staff from inappropriate content.

Services Included

The following services are included:-
  • Connection to the Coventry MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) at 1Gbps
  • No download limits
  • No speed difference between upload and download speeds.
  • Maintenance of the fibre connection to the schools including the council managed firewall edge device.
  • Connection to the public Internet 
  • Connection to the Janet academic network (Coventry holds 2x10Gbit diverse circuits – these are shared across Coventry users)
  • Smoothwall filtering contract for the support of the central clusters of web filtering appliances - with school controlled filtering profiles
  • Provision and support for unfiltered Internet service to schools with their own locally controlled web filtering device, where appropriate documentation has been signed by these schools.
  • Provision of public IP address as requested and subject to availability.
  • Monitoring - Network performance and alerts using Orion Solarwinds and Copyright violations and malware – where detected.
  • Network Availability - The council will use reasonable endeavours to maintain network availability at a target 99.5% measured over the working day across each 3 month period.

Service Availablity

Availablity of this service is limited to locations within Coventry which are in close proximty to the Coventry Metropolian Area Network, we can provide advice on whether we can provide this service to your premises, please email ictschoolreply@coventry.gov.uk for further details.

Key Exclusions

The following elements are excluded from the ISP Service:

  • Internal Network Switches not supplied by Coventry City Council
  • Internal wiring and sockets – however advice can be provided.
  • In the unlikely event that fibre damage occurs within the grounds of the school caused by the school or a 3rd party e.g. construction or building contractors, it is the responsibility of the school to fund repairs. These repairs will be carried out by the council’s contractor under its SLA which includes a 4 hour fix target. 
  • Curriculum network support unless the school holds a curriculum support agreement.

Duration of Service

For maintained schools this service follows the agreement dates for the ICT Services SLA for Maintained Schools. For academy schools the duration of the service depends upon the agreement length chosen.

Pricing and How to Purchase

For Coventry City Council maintained schools, this service is included in the ICT Services SLA for Maintained Schools, for Academy Schools this service is at an additional charge, however significant discounts can be obtained by signing up for a multi-year deal. Please visit the OnePlace store to find out more information about pricing.