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Work Related Learning

The Work Related Learning service works as part of the Education Entitlement team which offers support through inspiring and innovative solutions that support the inclusion of all children into our education system, and it’s aim is for every child to benefit from the highest quality of education. We are a passionate team with over 15 years of experience in this area.

Our Service organises, co-ordinates and manages a variety of high-quality learning provisions in the city of Coventry and are committed to supporting and enhancing the attainment of young people aged between 10-19 years, particularly those from vulnerable or disadvantaged groups. Working in partnership with others to access a broad range of high-quality alternative learning and personalised programmes of learning.  Provisions will be personalised and will focus on the additional support which has been identified as a requirement in the development of the young person.

Young people are at the heart of our service. We recognise that education is not a ‘one fits all category’, young people have needs that must be met, enabling them to achieve to their full potential. Our aim is to ensure young people develop their personal and social skills whilst accessing a variety of learning opportunities to help support them into positive pathways Post 16. We hope that young people will enjoy our courses as much as we enjoy preparing them. There is a new Personal Development hub on our website which gives support to young people and helps them engage with activities to stay both mentally and physically fit.

Our service offers extensive high-quality city-wide programmes; ‘Work Related Learning’ and ‘Alternative Learning Opportunities’. Working with training providers who have been commissioned, through the Local Authorities procurement system.

By working with the Work Related Learning Service, schools are able to offer students a more personalised curriculum which has been developed with the young person’s own interests at the centre. These courses are then held off-site, at various centres around the city. We listen to the demands of schools and seek new provisions where possible.

Our extensive programme shows the opportunities of off-site learning, made possible by the commitment of FE Colleges and Delivery Providers. Who are working in close partnership with the City Council and Home Learning Bases in making provision for young people. We continue to move towards a more flexible offering delivery from short 6-week programmes, termly programmes, 1-year programmes and 2-year programmes.

We are also able to offer more flexible provision which can accommodate personalised programmes for schools such as half-day provision or discrete groups by request. We will work with you to tailor the provision that you as stakeholders may require from our service.

Work Related Learning recognises the need to enable access for professionals/parents/carers and students to online information, guidance and relevant induction paperwork therefore this can be accessed easily through our website. This means that there is always support and easily accessible information available.


Service level Agreement Costs

Schools/Academies are required to buy into a Service Level Agreement to work with our service. This can be done at any time throughout the academic year, via Coventry Councils One Place System.

The Service Level Agreements are purchased as a band for the number of referrals that the school would like to secure for the academic year, this is combining both WRL and ALO provisions. If this changes throughout the year, the higher band can be purchased at a later date.

Band Costings

When selecting your SLA band, consider how many WRL and ALO provisions will be accessed as they all come under the same SLA.


Access to high quality provision on both WRL and ALO

·        Access to information, advice and guidance for both contracts

·        Co-ordinated Networking meetings for School WRL Co-ordinators

·        Provide individual school data on attainment, attendance and progression for WRL and ALO

·        Close monitoring of students directly and through an online data system (CLM)

·        Rigorous monitoring of safeguarding and quality within the provider setting and evaluation of programmes

·        Support schools/academies options and parents events#

·        Provide WRL /ALO information and support which maybe requested during OFSTED inspections

·        Access to monitoring, progress and secure transfer systems.

·        Confirmation that all providers approved follow with Quality monitoring systems in place. Enhanced DBS checks and single status registers are maintained by monitoring.

  • The below Training and Development programs will be made available;

1.      Ofsted – what will they look at both in the setting and in the school + support from service during visit. (Preparing and support for Ofsted visits – and understanding of the guidance/pro-active)

2.      Systems and procedures

3.      Safeguarding – sharing of good practices, guidance on systems & procedures


The Service Level Agreement Charge will be invoiced in May- however please be advised that this is done through the online facility One Place. A follow up Service Level Agreement letter will be issued following this.

Academies will be invoiced in two payments for the Service Level Agreement fee, this is in May and September.

Students are the heart of our service and we are always looking at making developments to benefit them. We have been planning on introducing our very own Student council, this has been delayed by Covid but is definitely on the agenda because hearing student views is a priority when making change.