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This will fund the cost of employing supply staff cover for absences from work arising from a head teacher’s or governing body’s decision to suspend a member of staff, pending investigation of an allegation of gross misconduct.  Cover costs will be paid for a period normally not exceeding six months

This is offered to Primary and Special schools only.

Day to day queries should be directed to the school's HR Adviser.

What we do

The scheme applies to all full time, part time, job-share, permanent and temporary employees.

There are no exemptions from coverprovided appropriate pre-employment checks were carried out (e.g. references, check of qualifications, eligibility to work in the UK, DBS checks) prior to the employee commencing employment and provided the suspension has the support of the Senior HR Manager (Schools) People Directorate, acting on behalf of the City Council.

The Senior HR Manager will exercise professional judgement to decide whether or not to support a school’s decision to suspend on the grounds of alleged gross misconduct

Payment of cover costs is conditional on the school’s management instigating an investigation into the allegation of gross misconduct.  This must be in accordance with the provisions of the schools disciplinary policy or for voluntary aided schools', the diocesan disciplinary procedures if adopted by the governing body, as may be amended from time to time.

Details of Absence Attracting Cover Costs

For pupil-based staff (teachers, nursery nurses and education assistants) cover costs will be paid for absence on pupil days only.

For all other staff, cover costs will be paid by reference to the pattern of work set out in the contract of employment.

Where support staff are suspended, schools are required to confirm that they have incurred additional expenditure through the employment of relief staff.

Should the suspended employee subsequently report that they are absent from work due to sickness, and provides medical certificates to support that, then the absence from work will be treated as sick leave, and will no longer be eligible for repayment of any cover costs.

How to Claim

The school’s HR Adviser should be contacted by the head teacher or governing body, at the earliest opportunity.  The HR Adviser will then:

  • Brief the Senior HR Manager on the suspension
  • Confirm to the school that the suspension has the support of the City Council.

What Will Be Paid

Claims will be reimbursed at the standard daily supply rates agreed for Teachers in Primary and Special Schools.

For all other staff, a standard rate will be established as and when required, based on the mid-point of the salary for an individual’s job, plus the current standard rate of salary on-costs.  Where cover has been employed on a lower salary grade or reduced hours, reimbursement will be for costs actually incurred.

How much does it cost

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