Welcome to Communications

Who we are:

The Communications Team provides advice and support on media relations, marketing, publications, social media and digital e-communications across the Council. Our team includes communications officers who support different areas of the Council with media relations, internal communications, publications and marketing campaigns advice. We have an in-house design team able to produce a range of publicity materials and can provide you and your staff with training and guidance on a wide range of communications issues. We’ve won national awards, particularly for our work in social media.


What we do:

  • Press office support to deal with all media enquiries on your behalf, including emergency and crisis support
  • Advice on pro-active media relations and promoting your schools
  • Training and advice on developing a social media presence
  • Marketing, design and publications expertise
  • Communications & E-comms support


Our services to you:

  • Media office service and crisis communications support when you need it
  • Advice on media, social media, copyright and use of images
  • Training and workshops on different aspects of communications
  • Marketing strategies and plans for specific initiatives
  • Audit of your existing communications and marketing materials and advice about next steps
  • Promoting your school initiative/service to thousands of Council staff through our staff intranet


Our commitment to you:

We aim to give you the tools and support to do the job yourself, but we make sure you’re clear about what you need to do, when you need to do it and how you do it.

Our media relations service is there for you when you need it – if a crisis hits your school and the media approach you we can provide a full press response service and will work with you to make sure we manage difficult media relations.

We’re happy to come and talk to you about taking the next steps in developing communications in your school, and will work with you to make sure you do this in a sustainable and managed way.


What we cost:

Most of our services are free to LEA schools (although there will be a charge for complex design services). We’re happy to talk to Academies about fees and charges for the full range of services we provide.

When you contact us to find out more, we’ll talk to you in detail about the kind of service you’re looking for, and prices will depend on the package that you need.


How to find out more:

Contact Nigel Hart, Head of Communications, on 024 7683 4848 or email communications@coventry.gov.uk