Welcome to Governor Support Service

Who we are

The Governor Support Service is part of the Education Entitlement  Service and is committed to providing an effective service to improve the governance of educational establishments.

The service is led by the Governor Service Manager and Senior Team Leader, both of whom have an allocation of schools.  In addition, there is an experienced team of Governor Support Specialist Officers who act as Clerks to the Governors.  All schools are allocated a named Clerk. The service is centrally based and has a wealth of knowledgeable and skilled staff that also provide advice on governance related enquiries.


What we do

We provide advice and guidance on all governance related matters

  • Administration of the Governing Board-  Calling, attending and clerking Governing Board meetings
  • Carry out all of the above for Governing Board committees, if that is the level of service purchased

Our services to you include: (depending on the level of service purchased)

  • Arranging and clerking of meetings of the Governing Board/Committee
  • Preparing and producing agendas for all meetings of the Governing Board/ Committee and identify items for inclusion on the agenda in consultation with the Chair of Governors and Headteacher
  • Distribution of the agenda and all documents (via GovernorHub or posted)  provided for consideration at a scheduled meeting within statutory timeframes
  • Taking minutes of the meeting which will be made available in draft form to the Chair of Governors and Headteacher within 10 school days following the meeting
  • Undertaking follow up work arising from Board meetings ensuring that appropriate matters are referred to the relevant person
  • Maintaining records of and monitoring attendance at meetings and taking appropriate action in accordance with School Governance Regulations
  • Maintaining membership details of the Governing Board (including committee membership) and dealing with all correspondence regarding membership, including notification of appointment

All options include:  Learning link Subscription (additional charge) Coventry Governor Association (CGA) membership (additional charge) GovernorHub access (level dependent on service purchased) (Free of Charge).

Our commitment to you

During the agreement period and from the commencement date, the Clerk to the Governing Board will:

  • Deliver to the high standards expected by the board of a Governance Professional
  • Clerk Governing Board meetings in accordance with School Governance Regulations and the Governance Handbook, other relevant Regulations and  good practice guidance
  • Issue agendas and associated documentation within statutory timeframes unless otherwise directed by the Chair of Governors
  • Make draft minutes available to the Chair of Governors and Headteacher for comment within 10 school days of the  meeting taking place Standards of performance are set and monitored by the Service Manager and Senior Team Leader through formal feedback from the Headteacher and Chair of Governors.