Welcome to Outdoor Education

Who we are

The Outdoor Education Service is part of the People’s Directorate. There are three strands to the service we provide to you:

  • High quality, residential outdoor education programmes to Coventry Schools through Plas Dol-y-Moch, a 50 bed Outdoor Education Centre in Snowdonia, North Wales
  • Educational Visits Guidance and Advice through the Adviser based in Coventry.
  • Outdoor Education in City Offer 

What we do

Plas Dol Y Moch Outdoor Education Centre

Schools attend the Centre accompanied by their own staff, where we normally provide four nights/three activity days for curriculum enhancement through outdoor and residential education.


Educational Visits Guidance and Advice

The service encourages educational visits, of all kinds, which provide quality learning experiences and enrich the curriculum work. Educational visits enable teachers and support staff to provide learning opportunities which cannot be delivered in the classroom. Educational visits enhance the curriculum, provide real life learning, stimulate and motivate young people.

Our services to you

Plas Dol Y Moch Outdoor Education Centre offers courses for:

  • Primary Schools – KS2 pupils– General curriculum enrichment focusing on learnable intelligence, personal and group development, PSHE, Geography, Science and PE.
  • Secondary Schools – KS3 and 4, plus A-Level field studies.
  • Fieldwork, normally for Geography or Science, Art or Media Studies
  • Adventurous challenge, either integrated with fieldwork, PE or PSHE.

The service is fully inclusive of transport to and from North Wales, tuition, equipment and specialist clothing, full board and lodging.

Educational Visits Guidance and Advice

The service, through the Educational Visits Adviser based in Coventry, provides comprehensive support, guidance, training and opportunities to all academies, schools and establishments. 

The Government’s Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto supports and encourages educational visits, and the Government wants to make it easier for teachers/workers to take young people outside their normal learning environment.  The Outdoor Education Service in Coventry exists to enable this by providing advice and specific training to any establishment or member of staff, and through its strategic role directing The Coventry Experience Strategy.

The service runs the following training courses relevant to educational visits:

  • Educational Visits Coordinator Training
  • Educational Visits Coordinator refresher Training
  • Visit Leader Training

To book a place on any of the above courses please email your details through to  jake@evolveadvice.co.uk

Bespoke training on visits can be delivered at your establishment/base in more flexible ways (a series of twilight sessions or a school training day for example).  Please contact the Outdoor Educational Lead to discuss your needs chloe.groves@coventry.gov.uk


Our commitment to you

At Plas Dol Y Moch OEC the quality of our teaching staff is monitored both by the Centre and the Local Authority, and by visiting schools' evaluation of their courses. While customers complete a satisfaction survey. The Head of Service is a member of AHOEC which provides a national forum to ensure that the service we provide is the highest quality.

In terms of safety, the Centre is licensed for specific adventurous activities; details of which can be obtained from the centre or from the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority.

The City Council’s Education Visits Adviser is a member of OEAP, a national organisation which leads on policy, and attends National Panel Meetings to ensure that the service provided is both relevant and current.

What we cost

Funding for outdoor education is delegated to schools but is no longer earmarked or identified separately. It is part of the general schools budget.

The charges for Dol-y-Moch are divided equally between:

a)      Parental Contributions – Dol-y-Moch Service cost per pupil per night: £37.45.

b)      Delegated (school) charges. Service cost per pupil per night: £37.45.


Services we provide free of charge

Free visiting staff places are provided at a ratio of 1:10. Groups are required to bring sufficient staff to ensure effective supervision of pupils.

Terms and Conditions

Schools apply for places in February for the next academic year. Places are allocated to all schools who apply and this constitutes an offer of a contract.

Upon accepting their offer, schools enter a contract to fill and pay for all of the places offered. Any shortfall in places taken up will be charged to the school unless these places are taken up by another school.

Exception to these terms and conditions are A-Level courses, for which numbers of places are conditional up to 8 weeks before the course, after which all places booked must be paid for. There is an inclusive insurance policy which covers absence from courses for illness and other reasons. 

How to find out more

Please visit our website at www.plasdolymoch.co.uk 

The Senior Outdoor Education Manager Faye Parker can be contacted via email at faye.parker@coventry.gov.uk

The Head of Centre – Operations at Plas Dol y Moch can be contacted via email at gethinthomas@plasdolymoch.co.uk


Other useful contacts are:

Sandra Jones, Business Manager, email: sandrajones@plasdolymoch.co.uk / Landline 01766 510200

For support with EVOLVE you can contact Wendy Evans, Outdoor Education Service Administrator email: admin@plasdolymoch.co.uk