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The Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service is a multidisciplinary service experienced and focused on supporting Coventry schools in their statutory duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Supporting head teachers and governors in managing health and safety in the workplace and promoting wellbeing.


Service Level Agreements available:

  1. Occupational Health and Counselling
  1. Health and Safety


1.  The Occupational Health and Counselling Service Level Agreement?

We will provide effective health advice, interventions and support, where problems or crisis impact on work.

The Service has been recognised and accredited for safe and effective practice, meeting quality standards, as laid down by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine






Occupational Health


  • Provision of a medical and nursing advisory service. Advice and support will be available on work and health issues for head teachers, governors and staff. Specific advice and guidance will be given where particular groups such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, disabled employees, young people and those nearing retirement are concerned.


  • Health related advice to inform strategic planning: anticipating changes to the working environment and the possible impact on health.


  • Health assessments and medical examinations.  These are undertaken both pre-employment and where the health of an employee becomes a matter of concern, usually as a result of prolonged sick leave or frequent but relatively short periods of sickness absence. These examinations allow the occupational health practitioner to assess health issues in relation to work requirements and advise head teachers, governors and staff on reasonable adjustments and ability to undertake the activities required of the post.


  • Health assessments/medical examinations in relation to redeployment or retirement due to ill health


Employee health assessments: Following both health and workplace assessments a report will be sent to the employer covering such issues as, likely return to work, underlying health problems, on-going attendance, disability considerations, modifications and reasonable adjustments.


Case conferences can be undertaken where further advice/discussion is required to successfully manage an employee's sickness absence.


  • Health surveillance and statutory medical examinations in line with legislative requirements and guidelines. Some work presents specific hazards for employees requiring periodic assessments/examinations to ensure their health is not being damaged. Certain examinations are statutory, e.g. noise at work, use of vibrating tools, fork lift truck and HGV drivers.  Some are designed to meet the requirements of the COSHH Regulations, e.g. those working with respiratory sensitisers. Various screening methods are used including lung function testing, urinalysis, vision screening and audiometry.


  • Head teachers are responsible for reporting ill health conditions under the Reporting of Injury, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR). The Service will provide advice and support in liaising with the Health and Safety Executive and will maintain statutory records relating to work related ill health


  • Biological risk can be assessed where required and advice given on health protection measures.


  • Advice and guidance on the legal provision for first aid in the workplace is also provided.




The Service is equipped to provide a comprehensive range of strategies to support, advise and guide head teachers, governors and staff on emotional and psychological issues impacting on the individual and the workplace.  The core services offered include:


  • Confidential one to one counselling will be provided(up to six sessions), for employees facing problems or crisis that could affect their work.  This will enable an individual to examine the issues causing distress, develop coping strategies and find a way forward, helping to minimise the mental and physical impact of such events and the sickness absence that may result. In supporting employees, various therapy models can be used, including person centred counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, transactional analysis and relationship counselling.


  • Advice to head teachers and governors on wellbeing issues, enabling them to support employees experiencing problems.


  • Advice, guidance and support to head teachers and governors on avoiding stress in the workplace. Stress can have a major impact on health, motivation and productivity.  The Service will provide advice, guidance and support to head teachers and governors on managing stress in the workplace.  Training and Audit are additional tools that can be accessed through the service to effectively address such issues.


  • Liaison with head teachers and governors to ensure that appropriate staff support is provided at times of change and/or crisis.


  • Informing head teachers and governors of situations and issues that affect their responsibilities for people or services.


  • Counselling for victims of assault and violence.


  • Debriefing - the Service will provide group or individual debriefing, where a traumatic incident such as the suicide of a student/colleague has impacted on individuals at work


  • Group, on-line, telephone and email support, including on-line Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and group relaxation for panic attacks and anxiety.


  • Advice and guidance on retirement issues.


Occupational Health and Counselling Staff Qualifications and Experience


The Occupational Health Service is staffed by a team of qualified, professional nurses, ergonomists/physiotherapists and medical officers, who are members of their respective professional bodies; i.e. the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the General Medical Council.


The Counselling Service is staffed by a team of qualified, professional counsellors who are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.




Occupational Health and Counselling SLA Charge

Cost per Employee

£34.00 (non-academy)

Prices for academy schools available upon request


Additional Charges


  • Specific training courses will incur separate costs. A full range of specialist training courses are available. Prices are based on location and type of training, together with the total numbers involved. Please request a list of available training, including Emotional Resilience, First Aid at Work and First Aid for Visit Leaders.


  • Health training is available for staff, to raise awareness on health issues in the work place. These can cover any health-related matter and are aimed at promoting safe work practices and preventing ill health


  • Specialist Workplace Assessments for the prevention of work related ill health. Visits to the workplace and familiarisation with processes, materials and equipment used, together with an awareness of protective measures, will enable the occupational health practitioner to identify and assess hazards and risks that may affect health.  An awareness of the physical and psychological problems inherent in certain jobs play an important part in these assessments.


  • Wellbeing Events are bespoke and the cost varies depending on therapies and workshops required.


  • Healthy Lifestyle Screening includes screening measures such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar checks and urinalysis, along with advice on healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation, cancer self-examination and alcohol consumption.


  • Mediation and Team building - the Service will provide team building and mediation services to support head teachers and governors in ensuring that appropriate support is given at times of change and/or crisis.


  • Payments to external providers will incur separate costs, including reports from General Practitioners and Consultants, vaccinations and blood tests.


  • Health protection programmes – where work activities require a programme of vaccination or a programme of vaccination is requested.


Below is a table summarising the Occupational Health & Counselling’s charges for work undertaken that is not covered by the basic charge.



Description of Service




General Practitioner Report

£40 - £90*

Consultant Report

£80 - £170*

*These cost are set by the medical officers concerned, guided by the

  British Medical Association

Specialist training courses

£480 per half day

Wellbeing Days

Variable costs depends on

therapies and workshops


Team building/focus groups

£480 per half day


£240 per session

Wellbeing (Stress) Audits to include report

£3.95 per person

Healthy Lifestyle checks

£35 per hour assessment

Retirement course


£30.00 per partner

DSE voucher for optician referral

(managed programme)


Cost of vaccination programme, vaccine/blood tests

Varies depending on the

what is required

First Aid Training

Limited additional charge

Travelling: i.e. home visits and workplace assessments

0.45p per mile




If you have any queries regarding the Service Level Agreement please contact:

Occupational Health & Wellbeing Service

Telephone: 024 7683 3285

Email:  ohsw@coventry.gov.uk