Welcome to Ethnic Minority Achievement Service

The Ethnic Minority Achievement Service offers expertise, support and advice in respect of Black and Minority Ethnic children and young people, and those who speak English as an additional language.  We employ specialist staff including experienced teachers, Multilingual Assistants and Access to Education Officers.  AtE Officers have a broad understanding of Home Office immigration practice and the school admissions process in addition to their responsibilities for investigating Children Missing Education.  Within the team we have access to more than 40 languages and staff with a detailed understanding of educational and cultural conventions and practice from around the world.  We are also able to provide access to high-level interpretation and translation through our partnership with the Coventry Interpretation and Translation Unit (CITU). 


EMAS offers:

  • Multilingual Assistants (MLAs) who provide bilingual classroom support to newly arrived children and young people.  MLAs are DBS cleared and have level one safeguarding training in order to work safely in schools.  They may make phone calls to families and support at parents’ evenings and meetings in addition to working directly in the classroom.
  • Bilingual support for the admission to schools of children who are recently
    arrived from overseas.
  • Strategic advice and guidance to schools in order to ensure effective provision for BME pupils and those learning English as an additional language.
  • Advice and guidance for teachers and support staff working with pupils who speak English as an Additional Language.
  • Specialist EAL pupil assessments at both Primary and Secondary level.
  • Short term teaching assignments to work with specific groups of pupils with exceptional need

Would all schools please note that, we will continue to respond to booking requests received by email and phone.  We value our relationship with schools and will always be happy to talk to you about the best available options.

Contact us:

Tel 02476 787752 

Email admin.emas@coventry.gov.uk