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ICT Services SLA for Academy/Free Schools (inc SIMS Support)

Having effective ICT is essential for the smooth running of a school. This service has been designed to provide schools with all the essential elements that are required to run efficient back office processes within your school.
This service provides support for your admin network, including computers, anti-virus and SIMS Support and training. Subscribing schools to this service are entitled to 30 hours of inclusive SIMS training (at a central venue) each subscription year. See the specific descriptions related to SIMS Support and Internet Services (ISP) on their own separate pages. 

This service also provides two important benefits for keeping your computers and your users safe, the first being Anti-Virus licences. Included in the charge is a licence for all machines on your school network to use the McAfee anti-virus product. This includes machines on the curriculum network regardless of if they are supported by ICT Services. The second benefit is the Impero EdProtect product, which help schools meet their prevent duty for safeguarding pupils/students when they are using the ICT within school.

The detailed Service Level Agreement document provides the full details of this service including all inclusions, exclusions and service standards. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

Services Included

The following services are included, items highlighted can be clicked to take you to more detailed information.

In addition the SIMS Support Service provides:-

  • Strategic information management advice for Headteachers, Principals, SLT members and other staff.
  • Solutions and good practice guidance for information management to support
  • Smooth running and for targeting priorities for raising achievement.
  • Professional and informed guidance on statutory processes tailored to fit our local context.

Click here for more information on the SIMS and FMS Support Service.

The following services are available at an extra charge:-

Please note that academy and free schools are not maintained by Coventry City Council, they are unable to use SIMS under Coventry City Council's licence agreement and they must licence directly with Capita SIMS.

Key Exclusions

There are some common elements of work which are excluded from the SLA charge, and these are listed here. Further detail on these and any other exclusions can be found in the detailed SLA document (attached below).

  • Any unsupported service element as detailed as part of this agreement. ICT Services will not raise incidents for these elements. In some cases support may be provided where an additional fee is payable.

  • Consumables are not covered by this SLA. Consumables include printer toner/ink and UPS batteries.

  • Where a 3rd party company/ICT technician has made or attempted to make configuration changes to the Administration network workstations/server, application software or network switches ICT Services may charge to rectify issues caused by the 3rd party.

  • Unsupported applications – this is any application which is not specifically listed.

  • Unsupported equipment – this is any equipment which is not specifically covered by ICT Services.

    Please see the individual service items for SIMS Support and ISP Support for specific exclusions. Some excluded items may be available at an additional charge.

Service Standards

The Service Desk will aim to achieve the following results and will measure its performance as follows:- 
  • 80% of Service Desk calls answered < 20 seconds 
  • 95% of Service Desk emails responded to within < 1 Business Day (8.00am -5.00pm/4.30pm Friday)
  • SLA Reports will be made available on request
Where there is a problem which requires 3rd Party support or repair, ICT Services will liaise with the 3rd party supplier (where appropriate as covered under this agreement). Customers will be kept informed of the progress of cases with 3rd parties as agreed on an individual case by case basis. All contact with a 3rd party will be excluded from the SLA resolution performance standards indicated in this agreement.
Customer Service is an integral focus of ICT Services. We may carry out annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys. These assess our overall performance and invite comment from our clients. Results will be analysed to assess our performance and highlight areas for improvement which in turn will be included in service plans for action. 

Key Performance Indicators

Incidents (where something is not working)

All ICT incidents (for which ever service element) should be reported to the schools’ support desk. There are currently two methods to report ICT incidents.
Telephone: 024 7678 6620 
Email: schoolsict@coventry.gov.uk (please put your school/academy name in the subject line) 
ICT Services will with your agreement assign a priority to your incident depending upon the impact and urgency of the ticket, we will then endeavour to resolve the incident within the following time scales. Priorities and response times for dealing with Incidents are in line with Coventry City Council ICT Service Levels which will form part of the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Priority 1, 0-2 Service Desk Hours
  • Priority 2, 0-6 Service Desk Hours 
  • Priority 3, 0-3 Service Desk Days
  • Priority 4, 3-5 Service Desk Days

Service Requests (a request for something new)

All Service Requests (for which ever service element) should made via the schools’ support desk. There are currently two methods to raise a service request.
Telephone: 024 7678 6620 
Email: schoolsictrequest@coventry.gov.uk (please put your school/academy name in the subject line) 
We will resolve Service Requests within 10 service desk days.

Duration of Service

This service runs from 1st April to 31st March in each given SLA year. However, we may be able to offer other periods depending on your requirements, please contact us on either ictschoolreply@coventry.gov.uk or on 024 7678 6620 to discuss.

Pricing and How to Purchase

The price for this service is based upon your school type and the number of pupils/students on roll, you can access the main pricing from the OnePlace store:-


Full SLA Document - ICT Services for Academy/Free Schools - 2018/19

This document contains the full description of the ICT Services for schools SLA for the 2018/19 SLA year.