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Data Team – Education Improvement & Standards

What we do

The Data Team provides timely, high-quality information, analyses and software systems to support school staff and governing bodies










Our services to you

  1. Guidance and support on submission of statutory statistical returns
  • School & Workforce census and the annual Key Stage Returns


  1. Systematic customer care through telephone and on-site support in:
  • the effective use of DataWatch,

  • any additional data and analysis needed for the school’s self- evaluation and,

  • providing rapid response to data needs during OFSTED inspections in conjunction the Education and Learning Service plus seminars, in-service training and guidance notes 


  1. School analyses for:

Attainment: Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1-4 and Post 16

  • Latest school, city and national attainment statistics and trend analysis.

  • Progress between key stages

  • Subgroup analysis by school and city (pupil premium, ethnic group, gender, transience, looked after children, SEN, new arrivals, travellers’ children, etc.)


School level demographic statistics:

  • Pupil numbers on roll trends

  • Pupil plotting maps

  • Free school meals

  • Preschool (0-4) numbers in school catchment areas

  • In-year transience and Attendance trends

  • Exclusion trends


  1. For secondary schools, support to enable senior school staff to monitor the effective and efficient provision of post 16 courses.


  1.  Capita SIMS Pupil Database maintenance
  • daily validation of pupil records via the CAPITA ONE B2B (“base to base”) system to ensure accurate pupil addresses and key pupil information


  1. Software systems for schools' use to support self-evaluation and school improvement.
  • To assist schools in tracking pupil progress, providing local in-house spreadsheet systems


  1. Guidance, training and support in the use of national software:

National Consortium for Exam Results (NCER cic)

  • Provide secondary schools with KS4 and KS5 data and analysis via DataWatch and via Perspective Lite /NOVA software.
  • Provide primary schools with EYFS,KS1 & KS2 data and analysis via DataWatch and via Perspective Lite/NOVA software.

ASP (Analysing School Performance) DfE

  • enable schools to use and interpret ASP effectively


  • Provide schools with access to FFT ASPIRE
  • to enable schools to update the online database to reflect their current pupil cohort.


  1. Facilitate data sharing within school collaboratives/networks for planning and review
  • School cluster summaries on past / predicted datasets  
  • Set up and maintain network groups on FFT ASPIRE


Our commitment to you

The Data Team is committed to providing timely, high-quality information, analyses and software systems to support governing bodies and school staff in:

  • Self-evaluation, improvement planning and target setting;

  • Making decisions based on accurate performance and demographic information;

  • Meeting schools’ statutory obligations for statistical returns to central government;

  • Using local and national software to develop new analytical tools to support schools in managing data effectively.

What we cost

Schools   Cost per pupil
Standard Primary, Secondary and Special£2.97
Standard with no Coventry ICT Services SLA Support£3.35



Contact Details
Kevin Coughlan
Performance manager, Data Team
Tel: 024 7697 1737
E-Mail: Kevin.Coughlan@coventry.gov.uk