Welcome to Employment Services

Who we are

HR Employment Services provides a payroll, pension, employee benefit and HR contract administration service.


In addition to providing our services to Coventry schools and academies we also provide the service to Warwickshire Academies and over 80 external customers - this gives us a breadth of  experience. We understand the importance of paying people accurately and on time and strive to provide a high quality customer focussed service.

There is a significant focus on pensions with ever changing requirements and legislation we ensure that we are up to date can meet requirements and provide expert advice and guidance.

What we do

• Provide a payroll service in accordance with prevailing legislation, ensuring

deadlines and statutory compliance are met.

• Pension Administration for the LGPS, TPS and any additional voluntary contributions, ensuring compliance with regulations and pension’s auto enrolment

• Provide an Employee Benefits portal which offers local and national discounts

for employees; administer a range of salary sacrifice schemes

• Issue letters to existing employees when there is a change in contract or termination of contract

Our services to you

• Calculate and process salary payments to employees

• Complete paperwork and maintain records of pension scheme members

• Produce and submit all statutory returns in relation to payroll and pensions

• Ensure so far that it is within its power, compliance with all statutory

rules and regulations, terms and conditions of employment in relation to

payroll and pensions, i.e. the fulfilment of the employer’s responsibilities

and obligations for all payment, National Insurance, pension and Income Tax matter.

• Interpret current and new legislation that impacts upon the service provided

• Give professional advice and support including statutory requirements, from

professionally trained staff whose skills and knowledge are kept up to date

Our commitment to you

• We will provide you with a dedicated schools team who will deal with all aspects

of our service to you so it’s easy for you to get in touch with us and for us to help you

• Provide a helpdesk facility for responding to employee queries

• Ensure that all deadlines are met and payments are made on time

• Ensure that the quality and performance of the service is assessed in accordance

with the standards laid down in the Service Specific Protocols and Procedures and

 Business Process Maps, and are regularly monitored by our quality auditor for timeliness, accuracy and adherence to specification

How to find out more


Contact Amana Durrant Head of Payroll, Pensions, Employee Benefits

Phone:  024 7683 2415

E-mail; Amanda.durrant@coventry.gov.uk

Customer Feedback

“It occurred to me today that I am not aware that I am asked to provide feedback on

the payroll service as a whole at all as part of the SLA not that this is a problem but I do feel that I get some fantastic support from so many of the team there I am often on the phone or emailing questions or asking for help or favours and I really do feel very well supported.“


“As I hope you know, yours is a department within the Council which in my view leads the way in terms of service and quality.”


“all dealings with Employment Services are excellent and am thrilled with the SLA

we receive and how you go out of your way to help”