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Curriculum Network Support SLA

We know that ICT plays an important part in teaching and learning and having well maintained  equipment makes that possible. We know that for some schools having a dedicated member of staff for ICT maintenance on the payroll is not always possible and thats why we have developed this service. 

Schools taking this service have a dedicated IT technician to work on site in your school, to perform ICT tasks decided by you. This service is available with a choice of weekly, fortnightly, full day or half day visits to suite your particular needs.

The detailed Service Level Agreement document provides the full details of this service including all inclusions, exclusions and service standards. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

Services Included

The following services are included:-

  • Advice, guidance and support on school’s curriculum network 
  • Advice and guidance on curriculum hardware issues
  • General maintenance of supported curriculum workstations; i.e. McAfee and Windows Updates
  • Printer installation
  • Curriculum Software installation  
  • As and when required, demonstrate to teachers and technical staff in schools how to use and maintain newly installed systems, such as Server based resources, online learning resources, VLE's, Whiteboards, cloud services such as LIVE@EDU/Office 365 curriculum software packages, data logging, simulation software.  
  • Anti-Virus Software on all supported machines that use the LA central EPO Server. If any problems are highlighted, we will inform the school business manager and apply remedial fixes.
  • Support on hardware issues.  If we find faulty hardware, we will inform the school, check the warranty status (Only if purchase and warranty information available from the school) and place the warranty call if required. Where no warranty exists we will offer support and guidance on schools procuring replacement hardware however ICT will not be held responsible for any delays in replacing hardware that are as a result of a 3rd party supplier
  • ICT will offer advice and guidance on use of projectors, servicing of projectors and procurement of projectors

Service Options and Availability

This service is available to all schools, regardless of type or if they are a maintained, academy or free school.

We currently offer technician time based on these scheduled:-

  • 1 Day Per Week Term Time
  • 1 Day Per Fortnight Term Time
  • 1/2 Day Per Week Term Time
  • 1/2 Day Per Fortnight Term Time

We may be able to offer other time periods depending on your needs, please contact us on either ictschoolreply@coventry.gov.uk or on 024 7678 6620 to discuss.

Key Exclusions

There are some common elements of work which are excluded from the SLA charge, and these are listed here. Further detail on these and any other exclusions can be found in the detailed SLA document (attached below).

  • Reloading of existing or new curriculum server (this service is available but at an additional charge).
  • The UPS ‘Battery’ is a consumable and as such is not covered by this Curriculum Network SLA.
  • We will provide recommendations for procuring UPS hardware/consumables however the hardware is not covered under the Curriculum SLA, i.e. this is the schools responsibility for purchasing new/replacement hardware. This is the same approach for network devices such as switches, routers, media convertors and fibres cables etc…
  • The Server UPS “uninterruptable power supply” and associated network switches are supported however if the hardware fails and is not under warranty we will only offer support and guidance in the procurement of new hardware.

Duration of Service

This service runs from 1st April to 31st March in each given SLA year. However, we may be able to offer other periods depending on your requirements, please contact us on either ictschoolreply@coventry.gov.uk or on 024 7678 6620 to discuss.

Pricing and How to Purchase

The price for this service is based upon the option that you choose, you can access the main pricing from the OnePlace store:-


Curriculum Network Support SLA - 2018-19 (Detailed Document)

This document details the ICT curriculumn network support SLA in full. It covers the period of 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.